Sat August 11 2018 Lunch

Part 1 

At 0:00 = Credits & Intro
At 4:45 = Steve Skootsky

Previews Eyewitness News @ 50 yrs

Lunch Program on Feb 2 2019

At 9:10 = Remembering

Pete Elliot

At 13:00 = Start 1968 - 50 years ago

program:  ABC News special -

"A Crack in Time" directed by Joel Tator

Part 1 - 33:14
Part 2

At :00 = Brian Bland interviews

AP's Bob Thomas on RFK 

 At 3:30 = Photos of NBC Sirhan

interview - voice of Ernie Chacon

At 6:40 - Boris Yaro remembering

his RFK assassination shots

17:50 = Brian Bland

26:30 = Warren Cereghino

36:00 = Jim Hattendorf

38:30 = John Marshall
Part 2 - Runs 45:00


Part 3

At :40 = Dan Blackburn

At 8:20 = Arnie Friedman

At 18:00 - Chuck Christman

Part 3 - Runs 28:30







8 Ball Welfare Foundation



In Need

For More Than

60 Years!


About 60 Attended Our November Lunch

Former KFWB radio general manager told his remarkable story of dealing with sudden blindness

while managing KOB Albuerque.  We also had a student panel... with career questions for the pros.


December 7, 2018

News Geezers

About the News Geezers!


Photos by Ross Kestin, Gary Sunkin & Bob Tarlau

​(Entire album will can be viewed at this link:

    In case you just wandered onto this web page, we are the News Geezers - an informal, friendly group of veteran Southern California TV, radio, print, web and PR journalists. We hold lunches quarterly.  Our mailing list is more than 400 strong.

      Learn about the background of our group by clicking on the "About" tab above (or at the top of any page).  The names of all those on the mailing list can be found at the "RSVP/Roster" tab of this site.

         Credit for the name "News Geezers" goes to the late, great Bob Long.
        If you have questions or would like to be on the mailing list - and perhaps attend one of our lunches - please contact Bob Tarlau through the form you will find by clicking on the "Contact" tab.  Thanks and cheers!   Bob

    Our November lunch was a varied offering.  Nearly 60 News Geezers enjoyed everything from Pepperdine University student journalists describing their achievements in covering both the Thousand Oaks shooting (in which a fellow student was killed) and the fires that came down to the edge of their campus to Art Schreider, former GM of KFWB, who spoke of dealing with suddenly becoming blind as he was managing a radio station in New Mexico.

​Here is the Amazon link to his book "Out of Sight": 

     Art marked his 91st birthday two days after our lunch.

     You will find still photos of the lunch to the left... and there's a link to the entire album.  Thanks to Ross Kestin and Gary Sunkin for adding to the shots I took.

     I am editing the video of the lunch and the links will be posted in the upper right column of this page.  Thanks to Vince Mack and Andrew Lucero for their fine video work.

     Our next lunch will be Sat Feb 2... when Steve Skootsky and I produce a 50th anniversary tribute to the Eyewitness News format.

      And that's not just EWN on KABC-TV Channel 7... but a celebration of the format now used worldwide.

      Special videos and special guests will be on hand.  Please mark your calendars.

     The venue once again will be       Victorios at 10901 Victory Blvd. in North Hollywood.   (Click on the address for the Google Map).    Other lunches in 2019 are planned for May 4, August 3 and November 2 - all Saturdays.

       Happy holidays to each of you.  Thanks for your continuing support.  See you February 2, 2019.

       Cheers,  Bob Tarlau