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Sat Nov 10, 2018 Lunch

Part 1 


Runs: 41:00

At 1:45 - Breaking News:

Shooting & Brush Fires

​At 3:20 - Student Journalists

Carlie Ott and Marisa Dragos

of Pepperdine University

on covering both stories

​At 17:00

Art Schreiber

("Out of Sight: Blind

and Doing All Right")

Part 2

Runs:  36:45

​At Top - Questions for Art Schreiber

​At 7:45 - Steve Skootsky -


Eyewitness News Salute - Feb 2


At 10:35 - Carol Cunningham

At 18:40 - Jack D. Fox

At 31:40 - ​Harvey Cogan

At 32:30 - Ken Paonessa​ 

At 34:15 - Tee Bosustow​


Part 3



Student Panel:

Marisa Dragos & Carlie Ott 


Daniela Torres (Cal State Northridge)




In case you just wandered onto this web page, we are the News Geezers - an informal, friendly group of veteran Southern California TV, radio, print, web and PR journalists. We hold lunches quarterly.  Our mailing list is about 500 strong.

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Credit for the name "News Geezers" goes to the late, great Bob Long.

If you have questions or would like to be on the mailing list - and perhaps attend one of our lunches - please contact Bob Tarlau through the form you will find by clicking on the "Contact" tab.  Thanks and cheers!   Bob

   The 50th anniversary of the Eyewitness News format at KABC-TV was celebrated during the first News Geezers lunch of 2019 on Sat Feb 2.

    Ninety attended, despite the heavy rain.

    Steve Skootsky - who retired about a year ago after a remarkably long run as a producer there – provided invaluable help in getting this program organized... and I thank him for it.
    Steve points out the overall EWN format was initiated by Al Primo in 1965.  He took it to WABC-TV in late 1968… and then onto other ABC O&O’s in early ’69.

    Al Primo was among our special guests and speakers.

 Former KABC-TV general managers John Severino and Terry Crofoot also spoke.
So did Gene Gleeson, Pete Noyes, Jim Hattendorf, Regis Philbin, Art Ulene, Harold Greene, Tawny Little, Dave Busse and Mary McCormick Busse and... Rona Barrett (via video).

      Photos are at the left and below... and you will find links to these and other photos shot by Susan Weininger, Ross Kestin, Vince Mack, Andrew Lucero, Gary Sunkin and myself.

       Links to video highlights will be posted on this page later this month.

       Thanks to everyone who participated and worked to make this a very memorable event.

    Other lunches in 2019 are planned for May 4, August 3 and November 2 - all Saturdays.

    On May 4 - we'll mark 25 years since the Brown-Goldman murders.

    On Aug 3 - the program will focus on the Tate-LaBianca murders... 50 years ago.

    The emphasis at both of those lunches will be on the media's role.

    The video of our November 10 News Geezers lunch is on YouTube.  You will find the links - and a time index of the various elements - in the column to the right.  The video is in three parts. 


     See you on Sat May 4.

     Cheers, Bob Tarlau

90 Attended Our Feb 2 Lunch (Despite the Rain)

We saluted the 50th anniversary of Eyewitness News at KABC-TV



Photos by Ross Kestin, Susan Weininger, Gary Sunkin, 

Vince Mack, Andrew Lucero & Bob Tarlau 

For the complete album of Susan's Photos:  Click here! 

For Ross' complete album:  Click here!

For the album with all the other shots:  Click here!

February 7, 2019 

News Geezers