Sat Oct 26, 2019 Lunch

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Runs:  29:45 minutes

At 2:30 -

Bob on the unusual timing of

today's featured

Photos from

the Herald-Examiner

At 5:40 -

Wendy Horowitz of the Los Angeles Public Library
with a gallery of photos

from the

Los Angeles Herald-Examiner
photo collection - now in possession of the library

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Runs:  39 minutes

At Top -


Victor Anastasia

​At 15:00 -


Jack Perkins




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Video Now Online of Our Final 2019 Lunch!

Featured were some of the best Herald-Examiner photos + Remembrances for Victor Anastasia and Jack Perkins


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We Honored...

News Geezers

November 29, 2019 

   Our final News Geezers lunch of 2019 was held on Sat October 26.

Thanks to the 58 folks who were able to join us.

     You will find photos to the left... and the video will follow in a couple of weeks.

     Wendy Horowitz, photo archivist at the Los Angeles Public Library, presented some images from the vast Herald-Examiner Collection... now in possession of the library.

      We also marked the deaths of correspondent Jack Perkins of NBC News and Victor Anastasia, Senior, a standout photographer who worked first at Channel 4, and then for most of his career at 2.
    In the column to the right, you will find links to the video that lunch.

It is in two parts.

      Links to videos of previous lunches--going back to 2017--can be found on the Video page of this website.
    Looking ahead our 2020 lunches are scheduled for:

Feb 29, May 16, Jul 25 and Oct 24.  All Saturdays.

    On Feb 29, we'll look at the "History of Los Angeles' News Choppers".

    We'll have top flight guests and video.
    Thanks for your interest and support... and to all of you a very happy holiday season!

 ​  Bob Tarlau

Photos by Gary Sunkin, Ross Kestin and Bob Tarlau - Ross' Album: