May 21, 2018

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      We had 58 attend our Sat May 12 lunch.    You will find stills to the left (below the box on Michael Conley).   Links to the edited video will be posted here in the days ahead.

      Our program began with a tribute to a News Geezers founding member - MICHAEL CONLEY - who passed away in April.

      Then we featured a lively and informal panel on Hollywood news  coverage - past and present.

      Participating were two of our members:
+ RAY RICHMOND (television critic, columnist and reporter for a number of publications, including The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, the Los Angeles Daily News, The Orange County Register, the late Los Angeles Herald Examiner and (online) Deadline Hollywood.))   Ray's latest passion is memoir writing for others... and you'll find info on that at:
+ And IVOR DAVIS (writer for AmerIcan and British publications, author of a book about his adventures travelling with The Beatles in the U.S.)

     Following the panel, DAN BLACKBURN introduced his new book "Of Presidents and Predators" - which covers his years as a network correspondent and his interactions with Presidents... and certain predators.

      We also had a student panel... with a freshman and a new graduate - both from Pepperdine - getting the chance to ask a room full of pros for career advice.  Thanks to MIKE McCORMICK for coming up with the idea on the fly.

      Our next lunch is Sat Aug 11 - at noon - and is again at Victorios (10901 Victory Blvd. in North Hollywood.  

       I'll start taking RSVPs in late June.

       One topic will be 1968... from the RFK and MLK assassinations to the Vietnam war protests to other events from a year that saw it all.

      Anyone who wants to share first hand memories of covering 1968 will be welcome to speak.

       We will also welcome CHUCK CHRISTMAN, the last surviving member of the 101st Airborne that descended on Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957 in the midst of the school desegregation crisis there.

​​       After Aug 11, the final News Geezers gathering for 2018 will be on Sat Nov 10.  See you in August!​     Cheers,  Bob Tarlau

58 Attended May News Geezers Lunch

Our next one - Sat Aug 11 - will look back at 1968... and the memories of members

who covered that momentous year! - Plus:  We salute a last surviving veteran!



Photos by Ross Kestin & Bob Tarlau

​(Entire album can be view at this link:


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Sat Feb 3 2018 Lunch
Part 1 
Dick Smith 
Jim White

Jim Brown

Ray Cullin
Runs 29:09
Part 2
Ken Davis,

"In Bed with Broadcasting"
Tom Colbert,

Update on D.B. Cooper
Runs 35:45


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