Saturday, February 28, 2021

Virtual Meeting

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:00 Bob Tarlau's intro
:26 Christina Penza
2:25 Dan Blackburn
3:21 Doug Kriegel
4:06 Bill Boyarsky
5:51 Bob Leon
6:11 Kitty Dill
6:51 Robert Henry
7:33 Joe Saltzman
8:53 Leo McElroy
11:16 Warren Cereghino
13:38 Joel Tator
15:06 Ken Davis
16:26 Steve Cohen
22:17 Bob Eaton
23:05 Steve Skootsky
24:41 Jon Fisher
28:36 Reva Hicks
32:15 Jeff Wald
34:45 Lew Rothbart
36:41 John Marshall
38:25 Howard Fine
40:09 Jim Hattendorf
41:54 Nancy Sayles
43:11 George Lewis/Judy Muller

44:41 Lew Irwin
48:22 Dennis Hargrove

  • with stills of Art Ulene                      mountain climbing

5007 Bill Dawson
5347 Dave DeGregorio
5701 Irv Cuevas
5800 Mitch Waldow
1:02:15 Natalie Windsor
1:04:40 Joe Quasarano
1:06:00 Rocky O'Connor

Part 2 -

Dr. Art Ulene

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About the

News Geezers!

Our beloved friend Pete Noyes died on February 1st, at home in Westlake Village, at age 90. 

He was a news producer and investigative journalist extraordinaire... who impacted so many of us in profound ways.   

For me, his impact will never fade.

 Pete had been in declining health.  In December, he was hospitalized for about a week for a non-COVID issue.  

   We're plunging into May!

Coming up... on the 22nd... will be our second News Geezers Zoom session.  That starts at 1 p.m. ... with Zoom details to come.  I hope you'll be able to join us.   No RSVPs required.

   Steve Skootsky suggests some participants might want to show stills of what they've been up to during the pandemic.  Sounds like fun.  You can either send those JPGs to me... at or just use the "share screen" function during our Zoom session to display them when it's your turn to speak.

   Doctor Art Ulene will join us again... with answers to your pandemic questions.  Please send those to him ahead of time at 

   We had our first virtual (Zoom) News Geezers get together at the end of February... and nearly 50 folks joined us (including a few from out of state).   You'll find links to the video of that Zoom happening in the column to the right.

   We remain on track to get our in-person lunches (and programs) back on track starting in September.    

Assuming the state and L.A. County allow restaurants to operate at full indoor capacity by the end of August... which now seems quite likely... here's the tentative schedule for two in-person lunches/programs during the remainder of 2021:

    We're looking at doing the Lew Irwin/Steve Binder program (delayed from last year) on Sat Sep 18.  Lew and Steve are available that day.  

    The in-person follow-up to our October 2020 political panel would follow on Sat Oct  30.    Almost all the original six panelists have told me they'll be available that day:

* Sherry Bebitch Jeffe,
* Bill Boyarsky, 
* Warren Olney, 
* Dan Blackburn, 
* Dave Bryan, 
* and Jim Lemon.

   Both lunches would start at noon... with the program starting at 12:30 p.m.  The location for each will be Victorios, 10901 Victory Blvd., in North Hollywood. 

   My hope is (with the help of Bill Dawson and Bruce Kerr) to livestream the programs via YouTube.    Please - for now - hold your RSVPs.

   Thanks as always to Joel Tator, Steve, Bill, Bruce and my wife, Barbara, for helping make these get-togethers (virtual and in-person) happen.

   I hope to "see you" virtually on May 22... and in person on Sep 18 and again on Oct 30.
My best wishes for good health and good cheer to you all!



​I have established a page on this website... for the many tributes to Pete I am receiving.   Send yours to me at and I will add it to the page.

Over the years Pete worked at the Stars and Stripes (when he was in the Army), City News Service, KFMB San Diego, KXTV Sacramento and here in L.A. at KNXT/KCBS, KNBC, KABC-TV, the Fox network newsmagazine "Front Page," KTTV and KCOP.   (I hope I'm not leaving any organization out).

When Pete retired (from KTTV) in 2008, my wife Barbara and I held a party in his honor and a lot of the whos who of Los Angeles came by to salute him.  There were a lot of donations that day to his favorite industry charity, the 8-Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists (then the 8-Ball Welfare Foundation).  He was a long-time board member... and the emergency financial grants the foundation continues to provide for so many fellow journalists over the decades meant a great deal to him.  

Pete's family says - in lieu of flowers - donations be made in Pete's name to 8-Ball.  The website is:

Please go to the Donate page.  8-Ball is a 503(c)3 charitable organization.

I have some stills and videos to share with you now.   I've brought together about 70 stills taken at News Geezers luncheons he attended over the years.   You will find those at this link:

In addition, I have three videos I've edited down from three of the lunches where he was honored or interviewed.   The videos were shot by Vince Mack.

The first is from July, 2015... when Pete was interviewed by the late David Sheehan (and you will also find tributes to David on this website).
Here is the link to that interview:

The Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles honored Pete with a lifetime membership at our lunch in November, 2016.
The link is:

Many of you reading this attended the News Geezers lunch in February, 2019 when we marked the 50th anniversary of the Eyewitness News format.   In the early 70's, Pete's investigative series on the Dale Car scam (reported by Dick Carlson) earned the two of them, and Channel 7, a Peabody Award.   

Pete's latest books "Who Killed the Big News" and "The Real L.A. Confidential" remain on sale through Amazon.  They're both great reads.

To Grace, Jack, Liz, Pete's brothers and grandchildren and the rest of his family, we at the News Geezers and on the 8-Ball Board of Directors send our deepest sympathies.   I was greatly honored to have been his friend.

-- Bob Tarlau

Pete Noyes - 1930-2021

In case you just wandered onto this web page, we are the News Geezers - an informal, friendly group of veteran Southern California TV, radio, print, web and PR journalists. We hold lunches quarterly.  Our mailing list is about 500 strong.

Learn about the background of our group by clicking on the "About" tab above (or at the top of any page).  The names of all those on the mailing list can be found at the "RSVP/Roster" tab of this site.

Credit for the name "News Geezers" goes to the late, great Bob Long.

If you have questions or would like to be on the mailing list - and perhaps attend one of our lunches - please contact Bob Tarlau through the form you will find by clicking on the "Contact" tab. 

Thanks and cheers!   

News Geezers

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8 Ball Emergency Fund for Journalists...

(previously known as the 8 Ball Welfare Foundation)

providing temporary financial help to journalists in need for more than 60 years.

Make your tax-deductible donations and suggest recipients at:


Our next virtual News Geezers meeting is May 22; 

In-person lunches set to resume in September & October!


May 1, 2021