Saturday, October 24, 2020

Virtual Political Panel


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In case you just wandered onto this web page, we are the News Geezers - an informal, friendly group of veteran Southern California TV, radio, print, web and PR journalists. We hold lunches quarterly.  Our mailing list is about 500 strong.

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January 1, 2021  (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!)


​    Our all-star political panel was held on Sat Oct 24th.

   It was virtual, a first for the News Geezers.

   If you didn't see it live, I urge you to view it through the YouTube links in the column to the right.

    I know you will find it worthwhile viewing... even in these months after the election.

 Our panelists:

* Sherry Bebitch Jeffe,
* Bill Boyarsky, 
* Warren Olney, 
* Dan Blackburn, 
* Dave Bryan, 
* and Jim Lemon.

You will find bullet point bios of all six - by clicking here... and on the tab at the top reading: 

"October 24th Virtual Lunch Panelists"
    The discussion was driven--in part--by a series of videos produced by Steve Skootsky.  They are centered on the role of past and present campaign ads.

    Our six panelists have agreed to a two-part format.

      As a follow-up to the virtual gathering... they will return for a follow-up in-person panel at Victorios in North Hollywood... hopefully in Spring of '21.

     This year will also bring an in person program featuring Lew Irwin, the original KABC-TV anchor (then news director at a number of Los Angeles radio stations) and Steve Binder (his Channel 7 producer back then... who went on to produce/direct a lot of memorable network and syndicated television programs).

     Steve Skootsky has also some very well produced videos for that program.

    The only lunch we succeeded in having in 2020 was on February 29.  It featured the "History of the Los Angeles News Choppers."

     The video of that program remains online... with the links on our Video page... where you will also find links to videos of our lunches going back to 2018.

     Our lunches are usually held at Victorios in North Hollywood  (10901 Victory Blvd) and start at noon.  Victorios remains open for patio dining and takeout.   

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    ​  Bob Tarlau