Video from our Sat Feb 4 is available at:

It is in one part - and runs 48:00


The video from our Sat Nov 12 lunch

is also on line -- in three parts:

Part 1 - Runs 28 mins

Pete Noyes honored by
Press Photographers Association
  Dave Seger
  John McCoy
  Pete Noyes
Bob Long tribute video
Saul Halpert tribute video


Part 2 - Runs 28 mins

Jim Halpert
Daniel Eisenberg, MD
John Marshall
Joe Sullivan
David Sheehan
Elizabeth Garcia
Kelly Lange
Jeff Wald

Part 3 - Runs 44 mins

Tim Baskerville
Pete Noyes
Jack Noyes
Barbara Tarlau
Frank Snepp
Warren Cereghino
Ted Hanf
Bill Lewis
Yvonne Beltzer
Joan Rebecca Long

November 2016 Still Photos

By Bob Tarlau 

By Ross Kestin



Video & Photos

   Our next lunch has been rescheduled... and is now one Saturday later, May 6.  Originally it had been set for Apr 29.

    On May 6th, we have a treat in store:
   IVOR DAVIS - one of our members - will be presenting the stories and background that went into his book: "The Beatles and Me on Tour."   Published in 2014, it's on sale on Amazon in hardback, paperback and Kindle at this link:
   Ivor - a London-born journalist and author - was the only newspaper correspondent to cover the Beatles first American tour from start to finish.  He found himself with unparalleled access to the Fab Four on the road and during long nights of card and Monopoly games as they talked frankly about their extraordinary lives as Beatles.
   Ivor has been a foreign correspondent in America for over 35 years.  He's also reported for KFWB and KNX Radio, and was Editor at Large at Los Angeles Magazine for 15 years.  
   Back to the Beatles.  At our lunch, Ivor will bring a video... and some marvelous photos to share.  He will also be selling books... and, of course, autographing them.
That's at our Sat Apr 29 lunch - starting at noon.  The location (once again) is Victorios in North Hollywood (at 10901 Victory Blvd. just east of Vineland).   Here's the link to the Google Map:
Please save the date.  It's now Sat May 6.  And you are welcome to provide an RSVP at any time.
A reminder that stills and a video taken at our Sat Feb 4 lunch - during which we honored the history of KTLA and the role of Klaus Landsberg - are online for your viewing pleasure. 

    You will find the links on this page.
    Thanks to both Vince Mack and Kaitlyn Ryan for the videography... and to Ross Kestin for the additional stills.
    We'll also have Geezer lunches this year on Sat Jul 29 and Sat Oct Cheers, 
Bob Tarlau

Ivor Davis & His "On Tour With the Beatles" Book Highlight

Our Next Lunch - May 6;  February Lunch Video+Pics Are Online


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 Photos below are from the February 4th lunch.

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March 18, 2017