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July 3, 2020 

In case you just wandered onto this web page, we are the News Geezers - an informal, friendly group of veteran Southern California TV, radio, print, web and PR journalists. We hold lunches quarterly.  Our mailing list is about 500 strong.

Learn about the background of our group by clicking on the "About" tab above (or at the top of any page).  The names of all those on the mailing list can be found at the "RSVP/Roster" tab of this site.

Credit for the name "News Geezers" goes to the late, great Bob Long.

If you have questions or would like to be on the mailing list - and perhaps attend one of our lunches - please contact Bob Tarlau through the form you will find by clicking on the "Contact" tab. 

Thanks and cheers!   

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Tentative:  Political Panel - Sat Oct 24 | Lew Irwin - Sat Jan 30



  • The Sat Aug 8 lunch is cancelled. 
  • The Lew Irwin/Steve Binder program set for August 8 is postponed until   Sat Jan 30.
  • The pre-election political panel program will hopefully happen    Sat Oct 24.

    The current coronavirus certainly affects more people simultaneously—worldwide—than any other news story any of us have ever covered.   (Assuming none of you were on the job for the pandemic of 1918!).

    The virus crisis has touched all of our lives... and everything we’re used to doing.  That includes the News Geezers.  Our little organization has been bounced around—but we remain resilient. 
    We have to do what’s right and what’s safe for everyone concerned.   We had cancelled the May 23rd lunch—postponing our program featuring an all-star political panel.   And now we have to do the same for the lunch that had been scheduled for Sat Aug 8.  Governor Gavin Newsom’s order this week closes indoor dining for three weeks in Los Angeles and 18 other counties... and likely much longer.
    The August 8 lunch was to have featured a program saluting Lew Irwin, the original KABC-TV anchor (then news director at a number of Los Angeles radio stations) and Steve Binder (his Channel 7 producer back then... who went on to produce/direct a lot of memorable television programs).  Steve Skootsky has prepared some excellent videos to help tell their unique stories.   My plan is to postpone that program until Sat Jan 30 (2021).   Lew and Steve B. have agreed to the new date. 
    The political panel—Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Bill Boyarsky, Warren Olney, Dan Blackburn, Dave Bryan, Jim Lemon, and perhaps others—originally scheduled for May—is now set for Sat Oct 24.
    Obviously, we won't know whether it will be safe to proceed with either of those lunches as scheduled until we get much closer.
    I figure that if we have to postpone the political discussion until 2021... we can talk about the election past and either the start of Donald Trump term 2... or Joe Biden term 1.
    In the meantime, the video of our Feb 29 lunch on the History of the Los Angeles News Choppers remains online... with links on the front page of www.newsgeezers.com.  Please enjoy if you haven’t already.
     All our lunches are at:
Victorios in North Hollywood  (10901 Victory Blvd) and start at noon.  Victorios remains open for patio dining and takeout.   I encourage you to support Chef Robert & Company there with your business.
    Joel Tator, Steve Skootsky and I extend best wishes to you all.  Stay safe!  I can hardly wait to see you again.

 ​  Bob Tarlau

Saturday, February 29 Lunch

Click to Link to Part 1

Runs:  40 minutes

At Top: 


At 2:30:

Honoring Mike Mullen and Gary Branard as Press Photographers Assn Life Achievement Honorees

At 4:10: 

Introduce "History of the L.A. News Choppers" program​

At 14:40:

Joel Tator

At 19:00:

Warren Cereghino

At 23:30:

Kelly Lange

Click to Link to Part 2

Runs:  36 minutes

At 1:10:
Zoey Tur

​At 12:15:

Vince Mack joins discussion


Click to Link to Part 3
Runs:  44 minutes

At Top:

​Stu Mundel & Tim Lynn

At 38:00:

Vince rejoins discussion


Click to Link to Part 4
Runs:  5 minutes

At Top:


Joe Sullivan,

Ernie Chacon

Victor Patterson

At 3:55:

​Future Lunches