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January 11, 2022

News Geezers lunch honoring Lew Irwin postponed

until Sat Feb 26, but we'll Zoom on Jan 22


News Geezers

In case you just wandered onto this web page, we are the News Geezers - an informal, friendly group of veteran Southern California TV, radio, print, web and PR journalists. We hold lunches quarterly... resuming October 30.

Our mailing list is about 500 strong.

Learn about the background of our group by clicking on the "About" tab above (or at the top of any page).  The names of all those on the mailing list can be found at the "RSVP/Roster" tab of this site.

Credit for the name "News Geezers" goes to the late, great Bob Long.

If you have questions or would like to join the mailing list - and perhaps attend one of our lunches - please contact Bob Tarlau through the form you will find by clicking on the "Contact" tab. 

Thanks and cheers!   

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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Zoom Room

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Thanks to Steve Skootsky... for both the editing and providing this

time-code listing:

:00 Welcome

:00 Bob Tarlau Introduction
2:15 Adrienne Alpert Retirement
3:15 Barbara Tarlau on Adrienne
6:40 Steve Skootsky on Adrienne
7:40 Dr. Art Ulene
21:35 Steve Skootsky question               for Dr. Art
24:10  Steve Binder & Dr. Art
28:35 Lew Irwin question for Dr. Art
35:30 Wayne Schotten question                for Dr. Art
38:00 Dave Lopez on Adrienne
44:00 Preview Video: Lew Irwin luncheon
46:30 Lew Irwin and Steve Binder
52:10 Preview: Salute to Tom Snyder luncheon
54:00 Vin DiBona
55:30 Wayne Schotten on                        Lew Irwin/KRLA
57:30 John Marshall on Adrienne
59:10 Jon Fischer
1:02:05 Ivor Davis on                                Lew Irwin/Steve Binder
1:02:50 Carolyn Fox
1:03:30 Bob Tarlau question for Dr. Art
1:04:40 Dave Lopez question for Dr. Art
1:07:40 Steve Skootsky question doctor. 
1:10:40 Warren Cereghino on Pete Noyes remembrance
1:13:10 Warren Cereghino on Adrienne
1:13:40 Jon Fischer
1:14:15 Bob Tarlau on “Whirlybird” film
1:15:05 Roberta Wax question for Dr. Art
1:16:50 Mitch Waldo
1:19:00 Ted Hanff
1:21:00 Jeff Wald on Adrienne
1:22:10 Dennis Hargrove question         for Dr. Art
1:25:40 Natalie Windsor (audio only)
1:28:20 Leo McElroy  and others on Hillside Strangler case
1:35:00 Bill Dawson
1:36:50 Jane Platt
1:38:45 Steve Skootsky
1:39:15 Bob Tarlau closing comments
1:41:25 Program ends



COVID concerns - especially the alarming case count in Los Angeles County this month - has caused us to postpone the scheduled Sat Jan 22 return to in-person lunches.  The new date is:  Sat Feb 26.   It will still be at Victorios in North Hollywood and start at noon.
I apologize for yet another delay in getting us back together in person... but we all have to try to do what's safe and prudent.

I will, however, host a Zoom get together on the original date, Sat Jan 22, starting at 1 p.m.   I'll e-mail the Zoom link around mid-month.   The purpose is to hear from everyone who joins us about their experiences since we plunged into the pandemic.  Dr. Art Ulene, who will be skiing with his grandchildren in Utah then, will take a break from the slopes to once again join us with a timely COVID update.  You'll be able to ask questions.   

On February 26, our long-delayed program will feature Lew Irwin.   

Lew is the original KABC-TV anchor... a radio legend here in L.A… and an author.  He has some great stories to share... and Steve Skootsky has some terrific videos highlighting his long and varied career.  

Lew’s special guest will be Steve Binder… a pioneering television producer and director with some of the most amazing credits.   

Thanks to both Lew and Steve for their patience as we've weathered these postponements.

As mentioned earlier, the venue will be:   

Victorios Ristorante
10901 Victory Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91606

We'll officially start at noon (although we usually start serving before that) and our program will begin at 12:30.  
The buffet price will be rising to $25... to cover Chef Robert's growing cost of food and the gratuity.   That includes non-alcoholic drinks and dessert.  Parking is free.

RSVPs for the new Sat Feb 26 date are open.  And you can e-mail yours to bob.tarlau@gmail.com.    I am asking the 40 people who confirmed for Jan 22 to e-mail me again now... to let me know if the new date works for them.

I realize some of you may be hesitant about resuming indoor dining.  So let me repeat these points:
• The current Los Angeles County health policy, and the requirement by Los Angeles City to show proof of full vaccination in restaurants, has guided the decision to resume our in-person lunches in February.  Chef Robert, Victorios owner, assures me his staff is fully vaccinated.
• Members should assess their own personal situation, and should stay informed about ongoing COVID developments.

We are planning to hold 2022’s second lunch on Sat May 14.  That’s when we salute the life and very memorable times of the late Tom Snyder.  Kelly Lange and Al Primo both intend to be there... and Tom's daughter Anne Marie hopes to join us as well.   And yes, Steve has a wealth of great videos for that lunch too.

We at the News Geezers will happily welcome you in person at Victorios on February 26 and again on May 14.   

But first, our Zoom session at 1 p.m. on Sat Jan 22 (link to come via e-mail).

Bob Tarlau