The video and the stills taken at our Sat Jul 30 are on line.   

   The video is in two parts:

Part 1) D.B. Cooper - with

Tom Colbert - runs 42 min.


Part 2)  Frank Snepp -

runs 38 min.


Thanks to videographers Vince Mack and Kaitlyn Ryan.

    Some of the Jul 30 stills are on this page... you will find them all at this link: 

     Thanks to Rachel Ambrose for the additional photography.

    You will find videos and stills from earlier lunches on the Video and Photos tabs at the top of this page. 


Video & Photos

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   Two giants left us in August... and they are deeply, deeply missed.

    Bob Long - the great professional and personal friend to so many of us - passed away on August 29th.      We will salute his unique personality and leadership skills fondly at our November 12th News Geezers lunch.

    Saul Halpert - who died on August 16 - age 94 - will be memorialized on Sun Sep 25 at 1 p.m. at Westwood Village Memorial Park.  All are invited!

      Saul - a long time member of the News Geezers - will also be honored at our next lunch.  

     Tributes to both Bob and Saul have been added to this website.  Click on their names above to view those pages.  I will add additional tributes to both pages as I receive them.

     Also at the Nov 12 lunch, Pete Noyes will be given a special life time achievement award by the Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles.  The location - once again - Victorios in North Hollywood.  I will ask for RSVPs in early October. 

     Our mid-summer lunch - on Sat Jul 30 - featured 70 of you... and a strong presentation by Tom Colbert and Tom Szollosi on Colbert's D.B. Cooper investigation.    

    Also appearing:  former KNBC producer Frank Snepp with a very meaningful description of his ageism suit against NBC over his dismissal from Channel 4.

    A two part video of the lunch speakers is now on line... with links posted in the column to the right.  You will also find a link to the stills (some of which are on this page).

Cheers, Bob Tarlau

Web Page Tributes Online for Saul Halpert & Bob Long;

70 Attended the July Lunch; Video & Stills Are Online


News Geezers

 Photos below are from the July 30, 2016 lunch. 

They were taken by Bob Tarlau, Rachel Ambrose and Kaitlyn Ryan.

All shots are visible at this link:

Updated:  September 21, 2016

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