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Part 3 - Runs 44 mins
Tim Baskerville, Pete Noyes
Jack Noyes, Barbara Tarlau
Frank Snepp
Warren Cereghino
Ted Hanf
Bill Lewis
Yvonne Beltzer
Joan Rebecca Long

Video from the Sat Nov 12 2016 Lunch Memorializing Saul Halpert & Bob Long

July 2016 Lunch

Part 1 - Tom Colbert on D.B. Cooper - Runs 42 min

Video Link:  Video link:

Part 2 - Frank Snepp - Runs 42 min
Video Link:  Video link:

Part 2 - Runs 28 mins
Jim Halpert
Daniel Eisenberg, MD
John Marshall
Joe Sullivan
David Sheehan
Elizabeth Garcia
Kelly Lange
Jeff Wald

Part 1 - Runs 28 mins
Pete Noyes honored by
Press Photographers Assn.
  Dave Seger
  John McCoy
  Pete Noyes
Bob Long tribute video
Saul Halpert tribute video

February 2017 Lunch

Remembering Klaus Landsberg and

the Early Days of KTLA Channel 5

It is in one part - and runs 48:00

January 2015 Lunch

Runs 18:00

You can view on Vimeo or YouTube:

Vimeo link:

Photography:  Vince Mack | Editing:  Bob Tarlau

July 2015 Lunch

Runs 18:00

October 2014 Lunch

This one is in three parts - shot by Vince Mack

Click here for the 1st - which runs 23:50

Click here for the 2nd - which runs 25:35

Click here for the 3rd - which runs 21:45

Edited by  Bob Tarlau

Suggestion:  Listen With Earphones

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July 25, 2017