News Geezers

October 26, 2020 

Warren Olney

  • For over 25 years, television news anchor and or reporter for four L.A. Television stations, channels 2,4,7, and 13 as well as Washington D.C. Station WTOP.
  • Also was a print reporter for the Sacramento Bee.
  • For 24 years was the host of KCRW’s local public affairs show “Which Way L.A.”
  • Hosted the nationally syndicated Public Radio Show “To The Point” for 16 years.
  • Since 2017, he has continued to host “To The Point” as a weekly KCRW podcast.
  • He has won nearly 40 awards, including a Golden Mike for lifetime achievement.
  • Throughout his career, Warren has covered local, state and national politics.

 Sherry Bebitch Jeffe

  • Nationally respected political analyst
  • USC Public Policy professor
  • Political commentator for KNBC-Channel 4
  • KPCC radio commentator
  • Formerly a political commentator for NBC, MSNBC And the BBC
  • A Frequent writer about government and politics

Bill Boyarsky

  • 30 years with the Los Angeles Times as political writer, featured columnist and city editor
  • Member of reporting teams that won three Pulitzer Prizes
  • Author of six books including:
  • Two biographies of Ronald Reagan,
  • one about the Chandler family dynasty
  • Also a book on the history of the Los Angeles Times - a companion to a PBS documentary.
  • Longtime political correspondent for online publication                    

[ Bill and Sherry co-host a weekly podcast titled "Inside California Politics" available at this link...

or from wherever you stream or download your podcasts. 

It's an noteworthy and unique analysis of both state and national political affairs. ]

Dan Blackburn

  • 50+ years as a radio and television reporter and anchor... Dan describes it "a half a century in a front row seat."
  • Covered almost every presidential campaign for more than three decades.
  • Washington D.C. Bureau Chief for Metromedia News
  • White House correspondent
  • Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the Peace Corps
  • NBC News correspondent based in Burbank for thirteen years.
  • CNN Correspondent for four years.
  • A contributing writer for the Washington Post over the course of several years both while in Washington, DC and in Los Angeles.
  • Runs his own consulting and video production company, Image Associates.
  • Dan is also an accomplished author with his third and most recent book especially relevant now.  It's title:  "Presidents & Predators" - very much about politics and government.   His 2nd book was “Wild & Wonderful – Photography of the Western United States.”   His first work was “Zen & The Cross Country Skier" - reflecting his interest (at the time) in backcountry skiing.  
  • As you might assume from what you've just read, Dan is a prominent wildlife photographer, as well as a widely consulted political analyst.

Dave Bryan

  • Retired in May 2019 after a 43 year career in broadcast journalism
  • Investigative television reporter in Baltimore for six years
  • Eight years at San Francisco CBS station KPIX
  • 25 years at CBS-2 and KCAL (Los Angeles)
  • From 1994, KCAL’s full time political reporter.

 Jim Lemon

  • News director for Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo ABC affiliate KEYT for past seven years. 
  • He's also news director for the CBS and Fox affiliates on the Central Coast.
  • Previously managed news departments in four other cities.
  • Has also been an anchor, reporter and news producer.
  • Has a unique perspective among our panelists, from a small market television station, and the challenges they face.